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the benefits
increase your business by introducing childcare vouchers
Cheshire childcare vouchers
the benefits

v-payplan ó the smart carerís way to help parents reduce childcare costs

Attract new parents

Increase existing business

Increase goodwill amongst existing parents

Free registration

Easy redemption

Minimal administration

Through our v-payplan childcare voucher system, we are able to help working parents, who pay for childcare, make substantial savings in tax and national insurance contributions each year.

tax efficient savings for parents

Parents can ask their employer to substitute up to £243 per month of their salary in childcare vouchers, to pay all or part of their childcare costs. This amount is exempt from Tax and NI for the parent, their employer also benefits by not paying Ers NIC.

benefits to you as a carer

Accepting childcare vouchers may allow some parents to increase their usage of your childcare facilities. You will also be more attractive to new parents who wish to use vouchers and as a minimum you will promote goodwill amongst existing parents. Promoting childcare vouchers can also soften the financial blow when announcing a fee increase.

which childcare providers qualify?

Childcare vouchers can be used with registered or approved childcare providers including:

childminders, nurseries and play schemes

out-of-hours school clubs



open to all working parents

Working parents who have children under 16, or under 17 if disabled, in registered and approved childcare can qualify for childcare vouchers. Vouchers are used as full or part payment towards the cost of childcare fees.

easy to implement

Using the v-payplan from Cheshire Childcare Vouchers is easy. Our systems ensure a smooth and efficient process from ordering vouchers through to redemption. Administration time is cut to a minimum.