​​working families could save £1866 a year in childcare fees

our easy-to-use v-payplan system benefits parents by helping them to cover the cost of childcare fees in a tax and NI efficient manner.
you can claim up to £243 of your salary from your employer in childcare vouchers each month.
you can use your vouchers to pay or part-pay for your childcare fees
with annual savings of nearly £2000 per family – that’s the price of a great holiday... ​learn more>>


​​offer your staff tax and NI efficient childcare vouchers

​our v-playplan system is a great benefit and financial help to employees paying for childcare whilst at work.
​complementing your employee benefits package with childcare vouchers will help attract, retain and motivate employees.
​as an employer you also save Ers NI on the amount the employee claims in childcare vouchers each month... find out more>>


​​help parents cut the cost of their childcare fees

​accepting childcare vouchers will help you attract new business and improve goodwill towards the parents of the children you care for.
​we aim to run our scheme as smoothly and efficiently as possible in a manner that fits with your already established administration system.
​our v-payplan system cuts out physical vouchers from the care chain and with it the need for voucher redemption... see more>>

​it’s so easy…