about us

​​about us

​at Cheshire Childcare Vouchers, we’re dedicated to saving you money. Whether you’re a parent or an employer, we believe our v-payplan voucher system makes it easy for everyone to make tax savings, without the hassle of wading through endless amounts of paperwork.

​we’re parents with young children and whilst we value the service our childcarers provide – we still wince at the bill when it comes in each month. So when the opportunity of saving tax on childcare arose, we jumped at the chance.

​we’re highly motivated to help parents and their employers save money.

making it easy for employers

​On paper employers make a saving, but many have been reluctant to broadcast the savings available to staff because of the effort involved in implementing a childcare voucher scheme.

Our v-payplan makes it easy. Once an employer signs up, we organise and carry out the necessary administration so they can concentrate on what they do best, whilst helping their employees to make massive savings. Childcare vouchers not only increase motivation amongst existing staff but also help attract new staff too.

Once implemented, we make it our business to ensure the distribution and redemption of vouchers runs as smoothly as possible.


  • ​cheshire childcare vouchers is the trading name of Cheshire Childcare Vouchers Limited
  • company no. 04626003 – registered in england and wales

tax expertise

​Cheshire Childcare Vouchers is the brainchild of Jason McLaughlin, Director at My Tax Point Ltd, specialising in personal tax solutions. From the demands of his client base, he saw the need to set up a dedicated business to focus on childcare vouchers offering schemes for employees as well as owner operated directly contracted schemes. Jason plays a key role in advising on the more technical tax issues our clients face.

As a client of Cheshire Childcare Vouchers, you not only get the best advice on adopting childcare vouchers but also get access to our personal and corporate tax knowledge base.

​we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch:

  • ​tel: 0845 838 2348
  • ​email: [email protected]
  • ​address: 83a earlsway, chester ch4 8az