​​frequently asked questions

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​​frequently asked questions

​accepting childcare vouchers under the v-payplan allows parents to reduce their childcare costs, but also means a change to the way you will be paid. To help answer some of your initial queries, we have therefore put together a series of typical questions, which we are often asked.

What is the maximum amount a parent can claim each week in childcare vouchers?
Up to £55 per week or £243 month.

How long does registration take?
Registration is a simple process and can be done the same day when registering on-line.

How long are vouchers valid for?
12 months. Each voucher is clearly marked with an expiry date.

What if I lose a voucher?
A record is kept of all voucher transactions, so with the written confirmation from the parent, that they have given you the voucher, we should still be able to credit you.

Are there restrictions on the type of childcare vouchers can be used for?
The childcare provider must be registered or approved and will typically include:

  • Childminders, nurseries and play schemes
  • Out-of-hours school clubs
  • Nannies and au-pairs

Can parents use more than one voucher to settle their fees?
Yes vouchers are valid for 12 months so parents can choose when to use them ie school holiday clubs or in January, following a particularly expensive Christmas.

How much will it cost me?
Nothing. Employers cover the cost of the scheme. This is more than covered by the savings in employer National Insurance contributions they will make.

When will I receive the vouchers?
Parents should give them to you as part of their fee settlement.

Can both parents claim vouchers for the same child?
Yes, as long as they are both employed and paying tax and national insurance

Do I have to redeem vouchers the same month I receive them?
No, they are valid for up to 12 months, however check the expiry date just in case the parent has held on to them for a while.