how it works


​how it works

​we make voucher implementation as smooth as possible

​how it works

open to all working parents

Working parents who have children under 16, or under 17 if disabled, in registered and approved childcare can qualify for childcare vouchers. Vouchers are generally issued by employers as part of a salary package and used as full or part payment towards the cost of childcare fees.

​which childcare providers qualify?

  • ​childminders, nurseries and play scheme
  • out-of-hours school club
  • nannies
  • au-pairs


​We aim to make implementation and regular running of the voucher system as easy as possible and will try and be flexible to your administration system. You can choose to register and operate on or off line – whatever you are more comfortable with.

The scheme is run on an automated basis, parents set their monthly voucher amounts and once we receive payment from their employer we automatically pay you.

​running the scheme on an automated basis cuts out the messy redemption process

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Employees register and set their monthly voucher amounts

​Employer orders and receives annual voucher packs for staff

​Cheshire Childcare Vouchers invoices employer each month

​Employer pays Cheshire Childcare Vouchers

​Cheshire Childcare Vouchers automatically pays childcare provider