how it works


​how it works

​so how do I get strarted?

​how it works

open to all working parents

Working parents who have children under 16, or under 17 if disabled, in registered and approved childcare can qualify for childcare vouchers. Vouchers are generally issued by employers as part of a salary package and used as full or part payment towards the cost of childcare fees.

​which childcare providers qualify?

  • ​childminders, nurseries and play scheme
  • out-of-hours school club
  • nannies
  • au-pairs

​Unfortunately childcare vouchers cannot be used to pay relatives who care for your children – even if they are registered or approved.


​Register your details with us, including those of your child, childcare provider and your salary. The tax bracket your basic salary falls into will determine the amount of vouchers you can claim per month.

you pay tax at

​you can claim monthly/annually

​you save annually

​your employer saves annually













basic earnings assessment

An earnings assessment is carried out at the beginning of each tax year and confirms your basic contractual wage/salary, including taxable benefits in kind and any guaranteed overtime earnings, commission or bonuses. The tax bracket you come under will determine the maximum amount of vouchers you will be able to claim for that year. This amount will remain in place for the whole of the tax year whether your salary changes up or down.

salary sacrifice

Once we know your salary details we either run a salary sacrifice or your employer will confirm changes to your pay structure in writing. A salary sacrifice is an amendment to your employment contract and details your salary split between cash and vouchers. It is the post salary sacrifice cash figure that determines the maximum amount of vouchers you can claim per month.


​The childcare voucher scheme runs on an automated basis. You set the amount (up to £243) of vouchers you would like to receive towards childcare costs. This is then taken from your gross pay and paid direct into your childcare provider's bank account every month. No physical vouchers need be exchanged.

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Step 5

Employees register and set their monthly voucher amounts

​Employer orders and receives annual voucher packs for staff

​Cheshire Childcare Vouchers invoices employer each month

​Employer pays Cheshire Childcare Vouchers

​Cheshire Childcare Vouchers automatically pays childcare provider